Football Stars Academy
Football Stars Academy

Football Stars Academy

Every budding football player day dreams of being the next Christiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney or Lionel Messi. They dream of entering a stadium with a football at their feet, with the shirt of their favourite football team on their back and with the crowd behind them.

Introducing ‘Football Stars Academy’, a football academy designed to enable budding stars to work with football players who have trained with iconic teams such as Manchester Utd and Manchester City.

Let our team bespoke a programme to cater for the age and ability of the children at your event. Our Stars can teach the group dribbles, tricks, headers, free kicks, long balls, penalties and rules of the game such as the off side rule. Throughout the academy our Stars will share with the young players the importance of nutrion and eating healthy to keep them on top of their game!

The Academy team will work with you to create a timetable to meet your time frame and needs. Finishing the academy with a mini tournament where they can put their skills to use and have their families can cheer them on! There will be a trophy for outstanding achievement and every player will be presented with a medal and certificate for attending the ‘Football Stars Academy’.

Working and playing within a team is one of the most important skills any child can have….so why not help them along the way through the amazing game of FOOTBALL!

Sams Big Adventure

Meet Sam. Sam has his very own adventure show but he also loves to travel with all our other shows. Ask us about Sam hosting your event, performing his own show, or even joining in on some of ours (he loves to break dance or learn about science with our Wacky Professors)!