Weather Princesses

Meet Princess Raindrop, Princess Sunshine, Princess Icicle & Princess Whirlwind. Their job is to protect the villagers by controlling the weather, however, they are concerned about the effects global warming is having on the Earth.  The weather is becoming uncontrollable & the Princesses are slowly losing their powers.

The village of Weatherby has been hit by a huge storm and it is down to the Weather Princesses to help!

To restore their powers, they must reach Weatherby & help the children understand how they can do their bit in saving the planet.

The princesses will interact with the children to come up with ideas such as recycling, refilling water bottles, remembering to turn lights off, asking your parents to help you plant a tree and walking instead of driving.

Follow the princesses on there journey and learn all about the elements through Song, Dance & plenty of audience interaction. Questions will be answered such as How is Ice formed?  What is a rainbow? Why is sunlight important to us?

The princesses can be available after the show for a meet and greet and for photos.

This show can be tailor made to suit the clients needs and most venues. it is possible to scale it from a 4 character show up to a full production including dancers & speciality acts.

Songs are a mixture of sing-along originals and adapted pop music known by audiences worldwide.

Sams Big Adventure

Meet Sam. Sam has his very own adventure show but he also loves to travel with all our other shows. Ask us about Sam hosting your event, performing his own show, or even joining in on some of ours (he loves to break dance or learn about science with our Wacky Professors)!