Wacky Professors

Wacky Professors

Who said science was boring???

Introducing this educational, high energy and innovative show ‘The Wacky Professors’. Follow our three Professor’s in their very own laboratory where they teach special elements about the world we live in. During this 60 minute show, watch our team create a spectacle the children will never forget through visuals, songs and interaction.

Watch Professor Galaxy share his extensive knowledge of the Milky Way in an absorbing and fascinating way. How many planets are there? Which planet is furthest away from us? Why does the sun set? What is the Red Planet? And many more questions. Professor Galaxy will engage with the audience for 20 minutes concluding with how the sun helps the growth of Plants.


Professor Plant Pot – a real green fingered genius. Professor Plant Pot loves everything that comes from the ground, enjoys getting his hands covered in mud and loves to sing to his plants. Plant Pot is an engaging character who will set the stage and explain how important it is to have sunlight and water for all plants. What happens if you forget to water flowers? What if you give a plant too much sunlight?

The professor has a special song that he likes to teach the audience and together they will sing his plant growing music before he ends with explaining how important plants are to the ecosystem & the food chain.

Enter…. Professor Wildlife – who has just come back from Tanzania where he is has been working within a National Park. Professor Wildlife has a great knowledge of all the animals in the wild. He will take the audience on a climb up the food chain, touching on questions like….what is the fastest animal on Earth? What is a group of lions called? What is a female elephant called?

When the other professors come back to join Professor Wildlife, it all gets a bit Wacky and everyone joins in for one last big sing along!

After the show, the professors can be available to meet the children, take pictures and answer questions.

The show is fast paced, high energy and mesmerising for everyone watching! Perfect for theatres, shopping malls and live event spaces.

Sams Big Adventure

Meet Sam. Sam has his very own adventure show but he also loves to travel with all our other shows. Ask us about Sam hosting your event, performing his own show, or even joining in on some of ours (he loves to break dance or learn about science with our Wacky Professors)!